Yes. It is free and unlimited.
We currently have no plans to discontinue the service.  
Almost any modern computer and operating system should work. If you can connect to any other ISP, you should be able to connect to us.
Feel free to stay online as long as you'd like. However, our system may disconnect you after extended idle time or connect time.
We suggest looking at our examples in the support section. Due to the fact that this is a free service, we do not offer technical support.
This service is designed for web browsing only. You will not be able toset up a server on your own machine, nor will you be able to connect withtelnet, ftp, ssh, SMTP, etc. In addition, you may not do anything consideredsocially unacceptable on the Internet, such as send spam or harass people,nor may you break the law.
Some other activities may work but we do not guarantee it. In order to keep our costs low, we must block most services that use a lot of bandwidth. Our goal is to serve the maximum number of customers at the lowest cost.
We currently support AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger.
No. We recommend using one of the browser-based free e-mail services such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.
No. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone at any time for any reason.
No, we respect your privacy.
The parent company of has been around since 1988.
The parent company of started providing free UUCP connections in 1988 when it received a grant to provide the service.
We don't make any money on this service. It actually costs us money.
We provide the free internet as a public service. We have been promoting Internet use since 1988. When we started, UUCP was free. Many of our users are low usage internet users and it isn't worth it to them to pay for internet service. Many of our other customers can't afford the $19.95 monthly service fee that other providers charge.
Our commercial side of the business is a voicemail company. Since the majority of voicemail calls are made during the business day and the majority of internet dialup usage is at night, we have extra capacity at night for If you would like to support the parent company, go to the Telemessage web page and switch to Telemessage voicemail instead of using SBC's home voicemail. Purchasing Telemessage helps support  
We provide free internet service to teachers and to active duty military personnel thru In addition, we provides free voicemail to active duty military personnel with our USNavyPhone service.
Sure. We need to come up with a way to allow SMTP outbound mail but still prevent someone from sending out SPAM.
Unfortunately, no. However, many of the long distance carriers offer unlimited or discount long distance. You can simply call one of our numbers in Southern California.
My phone doesn't have any letters on it. What number corresponds to FREE?
Yes. Just fill out the web signup form and give them their username and password.
Sign up for a new account and discontinue using your old account.
No. Sign up for a new account. Your old account will be deleted for non-use.
Our current modem bank does support these features and they are enabled. However, we have never tested them. Please note that in the future we may add additional modem banks and it is not known at this time if they will also support V.92.
Due to bandwith restrictions, we do not support any music trading software or any streaming audio programs.
Nothing. It will be deleted for non-use automatically.
My computer doesn't automatically set the DNS srvers. What servers should I use?
We only support simple WEB browsing. If it doesn't work, we recommend using a pay service.
We recommend either looking in your telephone book, calling the local telephone operator, or calling your local telephone company business office.
Not at this time, but keep checking the list.
A different area code doesn't necessarily mean it is a toll call. In fact, just because a number has the same area code doesn't mean the call is local. Many times a number in a different area code is a local call. We suggest calling your phone company to find out which of our numbers is local.